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Watch this hilarious video- US Embassy Bollywood Dreams

Watch the US Embassy officers audition for their big movie break w/famous Hindi film dialogues!

Bollywood has always inspired “The Angrez”all over the world.

Here’s a video posted by the US Embassy celebrating the #US India Dosti

The officials can be seen enacting characters and delivering dialogues from renowned Bollywood movies with their awesomely angrezi accents.

We Indians, have often been called out for imitating foreigners, but looks like finally GORE BHI KUCH KAM NAHI HAIN!

And mind YOU! They can WALK English, TALK English, LAUGH English because English is a very phunny language 😀

Watch out this amazing combination of accent and ‘ishtyle ‘!

Couple of days back the US Embassy also tweeted a video of the Diplomat Kids show their Bhangra moves. Truly we live in an Incredible India!

How awesome is that now?

What do you think?

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