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Unexpected Big Boss Celebs make to the most Googled list

Not Hina Khan, neither Hiten Tejwani here are top 3 most googles celebs

Accept it, Indian Audience loves gossip and drama, and to get a good daily dose we all tune in to Bigg Boss everyday. Season 11 has also been a hit with good TRP just like other seasons. It is pretty obvious for Bigg Boss to trend on the Internet almost every day. And so, these Bigg Boss contestants of this season, in simply two and a half months, have managed to top the list of Google’s Most Entertaining Celebrities. In a list released by the search engine, 3 of these Bigg Boss 11 contestants feature on this list and, NO, Hina Khan & Hiten Tejwani are not on the list!

  1. Arshi Khan

arshi khan

The nighty queen <3 YouTube star is number two on the list of the most entertaining celebrities of 2017. While she was a part of a lot of controversies before coming on the show (she claimed to have slept, and been impregnated by Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi), her two-and-a-half-month stint in the show have earned her a lot of fans.

2. Shipa Shinde

shilpa shinde

Shilpa is seventh on the list of the most entertaining celebrities of 2017 and second on the Bigg Boss list.  She is best known for playing Angoori Bhabhi in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!. Earlier this month, her fans broke all Bigg Boss records by making the hashtag #ShilpaWinningHearts trend on Twitter with over 300,000 tweets. Bhabhiji is definitely rocking the Bigg Boss house too!

3. Bandagi Kalra


This Delhi based model as grabbed third place on the most googled celebs from Bigg Boss. While she was evicted last week, her love story with Puneesh Sharma created a lot of controversies (and Googling, we are guessing). Right now, she is busy trying to get a break in either films or in the television industry. Also, a fun fact here is that Bandagi managed to beat Rana Daggubati in India’s Google search history (ain’t that something!).

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