Salman Khan Childhood Picture- Highighted

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Can You Guess the Bollywood Celebrities in This Adorable Throwback Photo!!!

Salman Khan made a massive throwback by sharing a childhood photo.

Salman Khan, shared a awesome childhood picture with his siblings today. Salman, known to be family guy has time and again shown us his love for his family. But this gesture of them missing each other and their childhood leaves us teary eyed.

How sweet is that!!!

The post was first shared by Arbaaz with the caption, “#massivethrowback #usualsuspects #childhoodmemories❤ #happysiblings 😘🤗 #khandaan #oneforallallforone #loveforever 👍.”

Instagram-Arbaaz Khan

Salman shared the same picture with his own caption saying this is just a few years ago 🙂

We get it Salman!!! You guys haven’t aged a bit! Totally adorable as kids and Handsome Superstars as adults!

Instagram Salman Khan

The photo features Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Alvira Khan and Sohail Khan, standing in the order of their height and this kid version of the superstar that we know today is sure to send fans into a frenzy.


PC: Instagram

Salman, with the charisma of a future superstar is looking straight in the camera. Second to the left, is Arbaaz(even as a young boy he is damn handsome). The youngest and the shortest of the bunch is Sohail, to the right. The boy in the middle might make you wonder! Let us tell you, it is a short-haired Alvira Khan. Alvira is Salman’s adored sister.

Ab to Shadi kar lo Salman!!! We’d love to see your family extended! 🙂

Salman Khan Khandan

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