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10 Cultural Stereotypes You Are Guilty Of Accepting

Breaking the bonds of old school thoughts about different states and cultures in India

India being a diverse country has abundant variety of people and extraordinary cultures. Such a history and then of course, our habit of judging people often brings firm notions about them, stereotyping them to a particular community.

Just like not every Punjabi household is great at making parathas and not every South Indian loves filter coffee. 😀

The fertility of Indian minds often rests in stereotyping and prejudging people. One big contributor to this are Bollywood movies and TV Serials, who unforgiving feed in the ideas to us, and

Here are 10 examples that we thought could share the idea with you:

  1. Bengali


Fact Check: There are Bengalis, who are strict vegetarians, not even visited Kolkatta once and also celebrate other festivals with more zest than Durga Pujo.

2. Goan


Nope, not all of them are lazing around all day, dancing with a beer bottle wearing floral t shirts and bermudas. Brace for impact; some Goans are vegetarians!

3. Gujratis


Not all Gujaratis are expert bargainers or express emotions using  arara. They do however make lip smacking food!

4. Jain

Jain- Characteristics

Accept it! We all have that Jain friend who has experimental cravings and who are much more open-minded and liberal than many of us.

5. Madrasi


It may come as a shock..brace yourselves..often thought of as Mallu, NOT always like idli vada rasam dosa. Nor do they walk loaded with gold 24*7!

6. Marathi

Marathi- Characterictics

Guess what? Vada pav? No! Nor do they dance their way to places doing laavni. Tell me one more stereotype and “ata majhi satakli”

7. North Eastern

North Eastern Characteristics

Not all of them like MOMOS, nor all of them own a chinese joint somewhere and also, NOT all are dog-eaters. “Bhagwan ke liye“, stop treating them as foreigners!

8. Parsi


If I hear one more person calling me “Deekra”, I’ll throw the damn carrom board at them”Carrom ramwanu, juice pivanu … mazza ni life” C’mon!!

9. Rajput


Some Rajput do believe in simple and quiet weddings, did’nt know that??? You also didn’t know that not all Rajputs are royalty.

10. Sardar

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not all Sardars are fond of dancing or alcohol for that matter! They are however passionate towards food, but then who isn’t !?!

Have more to share? Leave us a comment…… Let’s hear it from all of you!

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