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Indian Bachpan: Here are 13 things you’ll definitely relate to!

If you had an ordinary Indian middle class childhood, this is a must read for you…

Bachpan, is the most amazing time of lives! When we are in it, we are in a hurry to grow up; and once that’s done, we yearn for small things that remind me of our childhood. And in those small things we find a speck of our lost childhood again.

Here’s a treat for all of you who has a middle class Indian Bachpan:

1. The games we played and the thrill we felt is incomparable to any set of PS2s or video games!

Tyre Cycle Game

Hide and Seek

2. Slam Books were our Facebook Walls! Only that they stayed with us forever…..{and also fired many crushes to relationships}

Slam Book

3. Popeye and Cartoon Network were are lunch mates after school. [This also proved to be a Mom hack to get that spinach through us!]

4. Yeah! We loved to have a puff ! 😀 Minty Cigarettes were our partner when acting out a movie villain.

Harnik Cigarettes

5. A must have for all of us! And then the childhood flew away and these became dinosaurs for us..

Geometry Box

6. That’s how we decided whether someone deserved our friendship, love, affection, marriage, enmity, or sisterhood.


7. Drinks??? Why Not! Here’s what we used to have unlike these-days!Drinks

8. Unashamed of reading Hindi; we actually waited for these every month!


9. That was the first 3D movie we saw, and we were spellbound!

Chota Chetan

10. Our richness was not based on our Wadrobe but our Cassette Colletion…

Casette Collection

11. Sports Days meant white uniform and these Canvas white shoes. And every Saturday was a venture for polishing these shoes and then letting them dry…….
canvas Shoes


12. Birthdays were new dress and a box of toffees for all! And best friends got extra ones…..

Birthdays in 90s

13. Shows that kept our nights glues to the TV with our family…… Bet you still remember the characters and famous dialogues!

Doordarshan tv

Hum Panch…

Hum Panch

If we struck a cord of your childhood song, leave a comment below and let us know what comes to your mind first when you think of your Bachpan!

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