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Forget Netflix- Watch these good old shows online!

Treat yourself to a nostalgia with these TV shows.

Gather your family and start again with these TV shows that entertained us and became a fond childhood memory

  1. KhichdiKhichdiWatch it hilarious family comedy here.
  2. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh BHai DekhAnother awesome piece of comic confusions and family drama. Watch it here.

3. Office OfficeOffice OfficeWatch Musaddilal and his wit all here.

4. Flop ShowFlop ShowYou can watch it here.

5. Small WonderSmall wonderFind and watch Vicky and her funny ideas here.

6.  Hum Panchhum-paanch-1You can watch it here.

7. Zee Horror Showzee-horror-showGet your dose of horror here.

8. Tu Tu Main Maintu tu main mainThe evergreen tussle between a saas bahu cannot be tasted better than this. Start streaming here.

9. Lizzie McGuireLizzie Mc guireYou can watch it here.

10. Mano Ya Na Manomano_ya_na_manoYou can watch it here.

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Zahir and Sagarika

Zahir Khan and Sagarika Ghatge hitched forever..

Dekh BHai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh Cast- Then & Now