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33 Websites To Kill Time On A Boring Monday

Mondays can often be very boring! We are still in the nostalgia of a lazy Sunday and the gear in just not high. Here are some websites that can help you kill time in your office today!

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  1. 1 Billion Facebook Profile Pics On A Page: This URL aggregates all the Facebook profile on one page and is by far one of the most interesting url to visit. Keep Exploring guys!
  2. Typedrummer.Com: Make your letters beat. This interesting link lets you play drum while typing letters. Go on and kill your boredom.
  3. Crazy Card Trick: Play this magic game and feel OMG. The card tricks presented on this website are very interesting and lets you pass time easily with a smile.
  4. Twitter Clock: A clock made from twitter. Tick Tick Tick!
  5. Geo Guesser: Guess places of the world . Cool tool for geography geeks. Boosts up geographical knowledge while playing the game.
  6. Stranger MeetUp: Chat with complete strangers across the world anonymously. Beware of some creeps out there!
  7. Findtheinvisiblecow.Com: Find the invisible cow on the page by focusing on the audio.
  8. WikiPedia Vision: See live edits happening on wikipedia on Map.
  9. Famousobjectsfromclassicmovies.Com: Cool game for movie addicts.
  10. YouTube Map Explorer: Explore Youtube on a Google Map
  11. You Are Getting Old: Interesting stats about your age.bored women
  12. Chill The Lion: Cool CSS experiment
  13. LapFace: Live community of people working on laptops
  14. Map Chat: Location based chat on a Map
  15. Asciii Camera: Turn your webcam into ASCII Camera
  16. WebCam Toy: Pretty cool webcam effects on your pic
  17. Antipodr.Com: Find what is on exactly opposite side of any place on earth.
  18. Gravity Is Fun: Click anywhere to create a mass. Click near to it and the two will attract each other and merge to form a single mass and go on having fun with gravity.
  19. Pixelthoughts: An interesting 60 seconds mediation for you
  20. Stars: The whole galaxy put on your browser
  21. Clickhole: A BuzzFeed parody website
  22. Weavesilk: Unleash your art or draw any shape here
  23. Blitzortung: Live Lightening happening across the world on a map.
  24. Geocitiesizer: Make any website look like amateurishly made in 90’s.
  25. Name Age Calculator: Find how much old your name is
  26. Nyctaxi.Herokuapp.Com: A Day in the life of NYC Taxi
  27. Urinalman: Real life situation you face everyday turn into a game
  28. Zoomquilt.Org: Go on your endless zoom journey. Meaningless but interesting.
  29. PointerPointer: Move your mouse on the page and keep there for a second. A random pic pointing your cursor will be there to tickle you. Cool time pass and fun site to hang out with.
  30. One Tiny Hand: A site having collection of Pics of celebrities with a photo shopped one tiny hand. Looks simple but its fun to browse those celeb photo shopped images. Believe me.
  31. World Cam: Pulls out Instagram photos from the location you choose. Very useful if you are missing a place. Watch out other people snaps to revive yourself.
  32. Lame Book: A collection of weird and funny things posted on facebook with the user identities blurred.
  33. 9 Eyes: Interesting Google street views Pictures

Still don’t find anything that interests you, consider changing your job then! It’ll help! 😛

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