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iPhone Lovers Attention – Prices Hike !

Apple has raised prices for all of its phones except the iPhone SE

iPhone has been a long loved delicacy for all phone users. We all seem to aspire of having an iPhone one day. One reason, it adds to the style quotient. And another reason, it helps you with totally awesome pictures. [Special mention to all Selfie lovers]

However, two basic hurdles have always been the reason that don’t let us have it! Absence of a dual sim feature 😛 and small pockets :(.

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Is pyar ko haasil karne mein ek aur mushkil badh gayi“, that being the hike in  mobile import rates from 10% to 15%.

Here’s a list of appreciated prices for all models; iPhone SE lovers still can find peace!iPhone Price hike India

Do let us know your reviews and comments on this change in the comments section below.

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