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    Deepika Padukone’s dazzling at Cannes 2017!

    As a brand ambassador of the leading makeup brand, Deepika Padukone has shown again that she is mesmerising! Twitter: @LOrealParisIn Taking a sunbath, preparing for the press and fan interactions.. Twitter: @LOrealParisIn Even a bathrobe and hair braids suits this soulful beauty. Her beauty is just bewitching! Twitter: @LOrealParisIn Deepika with ace makeup artist Val […]

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    10 Best Dog Shaming Pictures on Internet

    A bunch of notorious dogs caught on the camera. We have collected the most funny dog shaming photos: Bet it was delicious 🙂 And see, I’m still smiling….. And my master had a rain dance….. 😛 Phew..!!! And my nose hurts too!!! But I’m hungry!!! Ain’t that beautiful! So much for a poop! Clear priorities! […]

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    OMG!!! These 5 Bollywood actresses dated cricketers!!

    Indians have always been passionate about two things: Bollywood and Cricket. Undoubtedly, these two often share a connection between them. Here are 5 famous alleged affairs between bollywood actresses and cricketers that left the media jaw- dropped: Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Often crowned as the couple who started the tradition of the […]

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    Wise and Witty! Totally Shahrukh !

    On Thursday, Shah Rukh Khan gave his very first TED Talk, during which he announced a new show, called TED Talks India: Nayi Soch. Khan will be hosting the show, and it will air on Star India’s channels. ted.com After announcing the show, Khan gave a few anecdotes about his journey to becoming the legend […]

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    No doubt Akshay Kumar is an Off-screen hero too!

    1. He supported 180 families of drought hit farmers who committed suicide with 90 million. 2. Affected by the Bengaluru mass molestation incident, Akshay expressed his thoughts on women empowerment. 3. Touched by the hardship that policemen undergo, he opened a hospital in Maharashtra for policemen and their families. 4. Helped create an insurance plan […]