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    Zahir Khan and Sagarika Ghatge hitched forever..

    Zahir and Sagarika

    Yay Yay!!! Actress Sagarika Ghatge and cricketer Zaheer Khan are now married.Today, November 23, this long awaited relationship took a no show no drama road and opted for a court marriage. A simple yet very elegant wedding card announced the wedding to near and dear ones. The wedding will be followed by a grand reception for […]

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    12 Worst Bigg Boss Fights So Far….

    Bigg Boss Fight 12

    Bigg Boss has definitely got a lot of Indian eye balls…… and the meaty fights add to the spice of it everyday. There are speculations if these are scripted or just routine aggresion coming out over each other. We don’t know the odds, but what we surely know is that there is a get new […]

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    Watch “Padmavati’s” trailer to blow your mind away!

    Padmavati iMAGE 1

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s aesthetic sets, glorious characters and poetic dialogues have been missed for a while now! Just to remind of his existence, he dropped the trailer of the epic “Padmavati“. The detailing on each character is the kind of work you expect from Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Ranveer singh as the cruel, brutal and sinister […]

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    Kit Harington bent the knee a day before!!! Rose flashes her ring <3

    Game of Thrones fans know Jon Snow (Kit Harington) actually knows everything when it comes to pleasing women. The notoriously private actors Kit and Rose, who are both 30, started dating in 2012 and broke up a year later. They sparked romance rumors back again in 2014. Harington recently opened up about how he proposed to Rose. “I was going to string up […]

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    OMG??? This lady gave birth to 69 children!

    feodor vassilyev family

    Feodor Vassilyev a peasant from Shuya, Russia along with his first wife who lived to be 76 between 1725 and 1765, had 69 children. Wondering how she managed all of this? She did not have one baby at a time! But she had 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets. Vassilyev’s […]

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    A delectable beginning to your weekend!- “CHEF” movie review


    Taking inspiration from Hollywood’s delectable film of the same name made by Jon Favreau in 2014, director Raja Krishna Menon gives us a slice-of-life film that satiates our palette. The film takes you on a fun-filled road trip with food and family as the focus. Chef is a smarty indigenized version of the American original. It is […]

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    “ITTEFAQ’s” Trailer- A promising thriller in waiting

    Ittefaq featured Image

    ‘Tumhare jaise bhutte hum roz sekte hain’; such is the rustic fervour of Akshay Khanna in Ittefaq while he questions Siddharth Malhotra. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna in lead roles, Ittefaq revolves around a double murder with two suspects. The film, directed by Abhay Chopra, is the remake of the 1969 classic starring Rajesh Khanna and […]

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    Witness Footage of Las Vegas Shooting: 50 Killed

    Las Vegas Shooting

    More than 50 people have been killed in the deadliest mass shooting in US history at a music festival near the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip. This shooting occured during a concert by country music star Jason Aldean. Here’s an exclusive witness footage of this massacre. The man named Stephen Paddock, a 64 year […]