garba dress hypocricy

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Garba, a terrible embodiment of Indian Hypocrisy

Challenging all the Garba Fanatics to drop down their hypocritical lehengas

Desperately waiting for Navratris to start? Already booked overpriced Chaniya cholis and decided your unique look(that doesn’t really make sense if you’re gonna wear a RayBan in the dark of Night)

Garba goggle girls

Did you know what is the significance of Garba???

Garba is done in a circle around Maa Durga to symbolize the Hindu cycle of birth, death rebirth whilst the only constant is the Goddess. It was traditionally performed around a big Garbha Deep, representing life just as fetus in the mother’s womb. This dance form worships the divinity and power of Goddess Durga or Amba.

A tradition so beautiful has been modified with Disco DJs, Extravagant Makeups, Flamboyant dresses and parody songs.
kiran kher gif
 All those raising your eyebrows trying to justify yourself hold on an keep reading

Navaratri has metamorphosed into a glitzy festival and a social occasion on such a scale that people start preparations months ahead of the event. Exotic Parlours are booked, Makeup Trials are on, Dress selection is the biggest deal of all (not just restricted to girls these days) and then there is the Garba Practice.
Time to go backless gif

The Garba Practice a one stop solution to all your problems during this time of the year: I want to get back in shape – Chalo Garba chalte hain!! , I had a terrible break up 🙁 – Let’s go to garba and meet new people!, My work routine is hectic and I m bored of it – Why not try Garba…..9 days ka accha change ho jayega…!Ramleela garba gifWe don’t shun the idea of Garba; however we want you to once open to eyes to the purpose of it! Aren’t we so full of using people and things, that we have now ventured on to using God’s name into making our lives merrier. 

Innocent 😛 parents send their DEVOTED 😛 children for late night Garba parties! Hasn’t Garba Nights become the most legitimate night out to hangout with friends, boy-friends(and if you don’t have one, don’t worry! You’ll find one in the next Navratri Garba!)

PARENT ALERT!! What do you think your kids go there for?

Karan garba GIF
To add to this loaf of hypocrisy, we also have terrible item numbers played on the Garba ground. Courtesy! Bollywood and it’s celebs.

Do you really, truly feel the devotion while dancing to the tunes of Baby doll? (Yes you heard me. That exists .) Disco dandiya and nearly everything revealing outfits? Seriously??

Find the nearest disc and tune yourself to the DJ, but don’t laugh on this ritual of worship!

Yes. There are people who still participate in Garba with the sole intention of devotion….and then forget it while shaking a leg to Bhai Bhai! Why not try and keep our purposes different?

Take out 9 days, enjoy your life, have fun, late nights, hangouts and everything that your soul craves for; but let’s just separate this from God and his Godly Affairs.

Its a festival of Divinity and Dance. Let’s try reinventing our purpose once (for the sake of God :P)!

So this Navratri, dance your heart out but be fair in why you’re doing it. 

Is there any one of you out there who does Garba for the sake of “Bhakti“? Leave a comment below…

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