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Champion’s Trophy Finals: What’s going to relive; Lagaan or Gadar?

India vs Enland or India vs Pakistan in the finals is what Indians are eager to know for Champion’s Trophy 2017

Now that we are done with the complex process of making through the league phase, we are yet to see who will battle us in the finals for Champion’s Trophy.

Will the historical Lagaan relive will it be Gadar that is going to strike back!

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However, Team India Captain Virat Kohli feels that its India vs England that everyone wants though he is of the opinion that opposition hardly matters.

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India will take on Bangladesh in the second semifinal on Thursday after England and Pakistan play out the first last-four clash tomorrow.

The Indian cricket enthusiasts have been extra avid on the team playing final against India. Also, we Indians have our sensitive side struck when we play against England or Pakistan not to mention here the elaborate history that the countries share. And now, that they’re both on the table, audience is in dilemma.

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Virat’s take here is “It doesn’t matter who we were playing in the semis. The league phase is the toughest. We have an opportunity to win one game and enter the finals. Everyone wants to see an India-England final. If both teams play well, people might get what they want to see.

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On asking about his preference for team in the finals he added: “Anyone. We would just be happy to be in the finals.If there is a sunny day in England, there is no better place to play cricket. The white ball hasn’t historically swung as much here. When it’s cloudy, the conditions become a bit more difficult,” he said.

“You have to respect the conditions here regardless of what score you are batting at. That is the beautiful thing about playing here, it challenges you as a batsman,” he added.

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