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Aamir Khan’s “Tum mere ho’s” most hilarious review ever.

Aamir Khan’s ‘bachpan ki galati’ reviewed by Kanan and Biswa

tum mere ho- snake tantric

Abduction, Scratching and even Biting; no wonder this movie tops one of the worst movies Aamir Khan’s ever done!

Aamir Khan, now known for his out of the box movies and unique selection of movies, was not always so choosy! And this video will show you how…..

Here we are with  Kanan Gill and Kalyan Rath  with a rib tickling review of a “bachpan ki galti” of Aamir Khan. Tum Mere Ho is perhaps the most snakily histrionic movie ever.

Tum mere ho nagin scene

Classic portrayal of how a Naagin sucks out the “Zeher” which apparently came out of her own bite in the first place.

Tum Mere Ho -kategi Kya

Aamir Khan trying to woo Juhi Chawla with a snaky pick up line “Kategi Kya”

Tum mere ho scene 3

Another creep from the movie trying to flirt with one of the most raunchiest line “Badan par ghee mal ke aayi hai kya, nazar chehre par tikti hee nahi” ! Pheww, Aamir you owe us this one!

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