No doubt Akshay Kumar is an Off-screen hero too!

7 times he showed us what an amazing person he is…

1. He supported 180 families of drought hit farmers who committed suicide with 90 million.

AKshay Kumar Picture

2. Affected by the Bengaluru mass molestation incident, Akshay expressed his thoughts on women empowerment.

Akshay Kumar- Women rights

3. Touched by the hardship that policemen undergo, he opened a hospital in Maharashtra for policemen and their families.

Akshay Kumar for Cancer

4. Helped create an insurance plan to aid the stuntsmen working on bollywood sets.

Akshay on Stuntsmen

5. Took his wife; Twinkle Khanna’s success in a healthy and supportive spirit.

6. When he showed us that real life is more romantic than reel life.

Akshay and Twinkle Khanna on KwK

7. Loosing to a bunch of pugs in boxing, and yet smiling. That’s what he is!

Akshay with pugs

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