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    33 Websites To Kill Time On A Boring Monday

    bored cat

    Mondays can often be very boring! We are still in the nostalgia of a lazy Sunday and the gear in just not high. Here are some websites that can help you kill time in your office today! 1 Billion Facebook Profile Pics On A Page: This URL aggregates all the Facebook profile on one page […]

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    iPhone Lovers Attention – Prices Hike !

    iphone x

    iPhone has been a long loved delicacy for all phone users. We all seem to aspire of having an iPhone one day. One reason, it adds to the style quotient. And another reason, it helps you with totally awesome pictures. [Special mention to all Selfie lovers] However, two basic hurdles have always been the reason […]

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    South African President- Jacob Zuma speech fails

    South African President, Jacob Zuma has recently been popularized not for his work but for his fumble in speech. He has served as the President of South Africa since 2009. Bet you can’t stop yourself from laughing out loud. Never knew these words ‘In the beginning’ could be such superbly hilarious. Seems like President Zuma is not […]

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    10 Greatest Mysteries Of All Time


    Who doesn’t love mysteries? We all do! However, time and again we have come across unexplained phenomenon that give us goosebumps. Here are some of the top 10 Indian mysteries that have kept us in awe: 1. Mysterious Disappearance of the Indus Valley Civilization The Indus valley civilization serves to be India’s most ancient mystery. […]

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    The Better Halves Of The World’s Richest Men


    Money brings fame which definitely pulls along women, and here these rich, successful men have gotten themselves the hottest women they could find when it came to find love. Let’s see who these lucky ladies are! Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Renowned for his latest Superbowl Victory in 2017 Tom Brady led a huge comeback […]

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    Dekh Bhai Dekh Cast- Then & Now

    Dekh BHai Dekh

    Is rang badalti duniya mein kya tera hai kya mera hai, dekh bhai dekh …Har shaam ke baad savera hai, dekh bhai dekh….“ If this rings a nostalgic bell in your mind, we are sure you’re one of the 90’s TV lover.  Dekh Bhai Dekh is one of those early sitcoms that got the family together before […]

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    Forget Netflix- Watch these good old shows online!

    tu tu main main

    Gather your family and start again with these TV shows that entertained us and became a fond childhood memory KhichdiWatch it hilarious family comedy here. Dekh Bhai Dekh Another awesome piece of comic confusions and family drama. Watch it here. 3. Office OfficeWatch Musaddilal and his wit all here. 4. Flop ShowYou can watch it here. 5. Small WonderFind […]